After another week of treatment, I can still report all is going well. Heavier treatments will probably be coming after the new year, but for at least the next few months the plan is for me to continue with the current meds, and I am glad I am tolerating them very well (“tolerating well” is oncologist lingo — it means you’re not having horrible debilitating or life-threatening side effects).

How do we fill the days here? We eat, I take pills, we go to Kroger’s, we eat more, I take more pills, and we watch CNN. And I hike and my parents watch sports. During the week I also do some work. And twice a week we go to the hospital for my infusions. That’s basically it! Today we mixed it up with brunch at the Clinton Presidential Library, and I capped the day with my go-to hike. See pics below and Happy New Year (if you celebrate)!



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