1 min readSep 17, 2019

After arriving in Little Rock yesterday, my parents and I settled into our “Charming House in Historic Neighborhood” (according to Airbnb). The neighborhood is central, near lots of shopping and restaurants and not far from the hospital. It’s also near the Little Rock Racquet Club which has two pools and a decent fitness center. When I asked for a day pass they said they don’t give them out because it’s a private club, but then they offered me a special “$25 for 25 days” offer. I thought maybe they meant $25 per day for 25 days, but it was actually a one-time payment of $25 for the entire time so I got it. Once treatment starts in a couple of days I doubt I will want to work out or go to a crowded gym so I probably paid $25 for about 2 days rather than 25 but it’s still not too bad.

The house is fine for the few weeks that I booked but a little rough around the edges so we spent the afternoon looking at other options for the longer term. Tomorrow we will meet with the Dr. and have a better idea of the initial treatment plan and how long he expects it to last.