2 min readJun 24, 2021

Back to LA…

With the two greatest caregivers this side of the Mississippi (really whichever side you are on).

I definitely could not have made it through the process as I did without their constant A+ level care and support. My dad has helped me with medical care since I was 3 years old (and had a gruesome mouth injury) and he is still shining through 50 years later. Throughout this process, there have been many complicated issues and questions, and it has been helpful in so many ways to get my dad’s input even when we disagree (which is often). And my mom will do anything and everything to keep me well fed (even when not hungry), freshly dressed and able to focus on healing.

We are now at DFW airport in a Minute Suite (doing our best to avoid the crowds) awaiting our flight to LAX. I feel good and am looking forward to recuperating at home, though I will need to stay on steroids (and accompanying meds) for a while to try to prevent a return of the “engraftment syndrome” that caused fevers and rashes.

It will be a while before we know the full results of the transplant, and I will need to return to Little Rock (aaarrggh!) in 6–8 weeks for further testing to determine next steps. Despite my “bump in the road,” they may recommend a second transplant (I’m not kidding) because that is what they typically do based on their long-term data. I will try to do my best in the meantime not to think about what lies ahead but instead enjoy being back in LA with Chad and Colin and away from so many people who don’t wear masks properly (even at the hospital!).