Field Trip

I am now in week 3 of the first treatment cycle. During week 3 and week 4, there is only 1 infusion per week (on Wednesday), which means that for 6 days in a row we have nothing scheduled. That’s a lot of days of non-stop cable news so we headed to Memphis (2 hours by car) for a mini-vacation. We covered the basics (Graceland, Civil Rights Museum, Beale Street and lots of BBQ) in 2 days, and made it back to Little Rock on Saturday in time for the annual Cheese Dip Championship. Over 20 cheese dips were in competition and we voted for our favorites but didn’t find out who won because it was 95 degrees and sunny and the festival was in a parking lot with absolutely no shade! Fortunately the cheese dips did not cause additional GI distress.



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